Lift Call

Lift Call


The following readers can be used for Lift Call:

  • Standard Access Control Reader
  • Bluetooth Access Control Reader (mobile phone can call the lift)




  • Install the Access Control relay contacts (NO, NC, COM) on the lift button signals.
  • Swipe a card on the access control reader then all of the lift buttons will be active.
  • The Access Control relay contacts can be wired to call the lift.
  • Usually, installed on the ground floor/lobby only
  • No lift control module required!
  • Wiring is specific to each lift. Contact us if you need assistance.



  • Swipe System Card -> Green LED -> If Red LED, swipe system card again, or press RST switch on circuit board.
  • Swipe Parameter Card -> Green LED
  • Test by swiping Master Card -> Green LED -> Relay will fire and close the circuit to the lift buttons ready for switching.


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