KAS-Keyless Access Security

            Neo Cloud Lock Initialisation Setup


            1. By default, the lock will be in initialisation mode. 
            2. This means the lock can enter either 'standalone mode' or 'software mode'. 
            3. Please see below to select the mode of your choice
            If you conduct a factory reset, the lock will return to Initialisation Mode.

            Lock Operation Modes

            This lock can be used in 2 separate modes 
            Standalone Mode or Software Mode

            Standalone Mode Description

            1. No software required
            2. Management via lock face, mobile app or web console
            3. Self manage database
            4. Best for: 'on the go management', small to medium sites

            How to Enter Standalone Mode 


            ** 888 888 # 


            You are now in standalone mode. Continue with this manual

            Download KAS Cloud App for Setup 

            Download the KAS Cloud app for further setup instructions

            IOS Device - Click Here

            Android Device - Click Here

            Web Console Access - Clock Here

            Setup and activation required from KAS Cloud App before web console access is available

            Software Mode Description

            1. Software licence required
            2. Management vial desktop software 
            3. Encoder at front dest
            4. Database setup and configuration
            5. Best for: multiple room management, medium to large site required

            How to Enter Software Mode 


             Swipe 'pre configured System Card' over the lock face


            Please stop at this point. Continue with software programming instructions

            Updated: 13 Jun 2019 11:35 AM
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