What is the warranty procedure?

What is the warranty procedure?

Warranty Terms & Conditions

A link to the full Warranty Terms and conditions have been included in this article. Please click the heading.


Please ensure you read the Warranty Terms and Warranty Procedure completely before you proceed with any warranty claim, failure to follow the Warranty Procedure may void the warranty.

Step #1 Contact your installer or KAS directly

To help diagnosis, take photos or preferably a video so that audio and visual indications can be analysed to assist with the solution quickly

Please include the following information:
  1. Contact phone number of the person able to assist with the diagnosis.
  2. Prefered time to call. Further diagnosis may be required over the phone. 
  3. A brief description of the fault or problem that you think you are experiencing.
  4. Details of hardware setup ie the item and location eg NEO lock/room number.
  5. Photos or videos clearly showing the visual and sound indication.

Step #2 Onsite Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

During business hours a member from our support team will make contact with the person indicated above. If the matter is urgent, you can call our support team, however, photos/videos will be requested so we recommend sending the information prior to calling.

When assisting with troubleshooting;
  1. Ensure you are onsite and near the device. 
  2. Internet access may be required to access our software on your computer

Step #3 Return Hardware to KAS

If a solution can not be provided you will be required to return the product(s) to be assessed in-house following instructions sent via email after the support call. KAS offers free technical support during the warranty period but does not cover freight charges for product(s) being returned to KAS. The freight costs for returned product(s) back to the client will be covered by KAS.

You will be required to return the approved warranty product(s) to KAS for repair or replacement.
  1. Ensure all parts are included with the product(s) eg, keys, screws, power supply (if requested).
  2. Include a copy of the warranty return approval email. 
  3. Ensure that the product(s) are properly packed so no damage occurs during transit.
  4. Obtain tracking details and email to KAS so there are no concerns with delivery.

Step #4 In-House Assessment & Resolution

The product(s) will be promptly checked and assessed by a KAS Technician for faults, validity of warranty terms and approval for repair or replacement. 

KAS will organise the return and cover freight charges for approved warranty product(s) returned back to the client.
  1. Warranty product(s) need to be returned before dispatching of replacement.
  2. During this change-over period, it is the client’s responsibility for the security of their own property.
  3. If a replacement product(s) is required urgently, a separate order can be made along with full payment before dispatch. This payment will be fully refunded after the product(s) has been approved through the warranty process. Please discuss with KAS directly for more options.

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