Etouch Lock - View Unlocking Records

Etouch Lock - View Unlocking Records

Viewing the Unlocking Records

Through the Mobile app, you can view the last 200* unlocking records for each lock so that you can see who has accessed the lock and when.

Access the Unlocking Records

  1. Choose any lock from the eKeys list screen
  2. A list of the last unlocking records will be listed including Pin Codes, Key Cards and Fobs.
  3. Touch the lock to wake it up - Blue LED keypad will show.
  4. Now press 'Sync Records'
  5. You may have to wait 1-5 minutes if there are a lot of records to retrieve.

Note: This feature applies to the Administrator only. Admins cannot delete or modify an unlocking record.

Messages Push Notifications

Each time an eKey notification is read, downloaded or used a notification message will appear in the app inbox.

    1. Tap the message icon at the bottom of the app.
    2. Here you will see an inbox of notifications
    3. To search, type the device name for example, in the search bar.

Note: Admins will be able to view records for all users who accessed the lock. Users will not be able to view their activity.


*200 unlocking records - this is an estimate only and actual unlocking records retrieve will vary depending on Bluetooth connection.

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