Firmware - Update Node Firmware using Lockkeeper APP for lock-S Clients

Firmware - Update Node Firmware using Lockkeeper APP for lock-S Clients

Only follow this guide when instructed by KAS. If you do this without KAS instruction, you may experience unknown behaviors.


Step 1: Obtain your manage account details:

  • Go to Lock-S Software
  • System > System Parameters > APP
  • Take note of the app account and app password


Step 2: Download LockKeeper from the app store:

                   Apple                                                 Android


Step 3: Log in to Lockkeeper with the manager account details:


If you have not activated a lock, you need to activate the lock first. Click Here


Step 4: Update the node firmware using Bluetooth:

Follow these steps carefully! *

You must be at the lock for BLE connection

  1. Find the lock you want to upgrade. Ensure the Blue Key is displayed. Tap the row to go to settings.

  1. Tap 'More'

  1. Tap 'Update Firmware'

  1. Download the latest Firmware and tap 'Start to Update'

  1. Wait for the download to finish.

  1. Return to the main screen. Ensure you see the Blue Key.

If you don't, the lock may be stuck in boot-loader mode, if so, you can power cycle the lock and try again.

  1. Now set the room number again, in case the room number was dropped during the flashing process

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