Lock-S Relay Module RM - Programming Lift Controller RM

Lock-S Relay Module RM - Programming Lift Controller RM

The ACR should be wired to the RM with the ACR Brown wire connected to the RM RS485 A+ and the ACR purple wire connected to the RM RS485 B- terminal.    
The LM should be powered with 12-24v DC.  
Please note, there is a separate COM for ports 0-7, 8-15, 16-23, 24-31.  

1) Ensure Lock-S > System > System Parameters > Lift : Multi-Channel is enabled.
2) Edit floors to ensure "Floor Order" column is sequential.  IE.  Regardless of how many buildings, floor order needs to be sequential and continued across all buildings.  At the time of writing, "floor order" appears to be the relay "channel" which is closed when a guest card is used on the ACR.  ****Installers, please note, the RM is 0(zero) based while the floor order is 1(one) based.  For example, Lock-S "Floor Order" 1 translates to LM channel 0 and Floor 15 translates to RM channel 14. 
3) Lock-S ensure rooms have been assigned to "floors".
4) Add Lift : Data > Lift.
5) Add Lift controller :  Data > Lift Controller Menu.  Add controller with suitable number of ports.  IE 31 and number of floors required.

The above example shows configuration for 3 separate buildings, each with 5 floors.  Take note of the floor order column, this column translates to the RM channel which is closed.  

6) Create Program Card for ACR - defining the floor the ACR is on ie 1-1,  1-2, 1-3 etc.  Also select the lift tab and ensure the Lift you are programming is selected. 
7) Create Guest Card ensuring the rooms "lift Floor" is selected.
8) Use system, parameter and clock card to program ACR.
9) Test with master card - all RM floors should light up. 
10) Test with guest card - only the relevant RM floors should light up.  Relay will close circuit between COM and RM channels available to the guest.
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