Lock-S Program Lock Hardware

Lock-S Program Lock Hardware


Programming the lock hardware can be completed by either of these 2 methods. Via cards or using the PDA
These instructions for the Platinum Lock, Neo Lock and Access Controls on the Lock-S software


1. Card Programming

The card method is always recommended if you are in a hurry or when programming less than 10 rooms.

2. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

The PDA is a more complex programming device and is used for larger projects/properties. PDA is recommending when programming 50+ Rooms 

Programming via Cards

System Setup Theory

Setup & Programming Hardware Theory

 Error Response
 Swipe System card -> Green LED     
 if Red LED, swipe system card again
 Swipe Parameter card -> Green LED     
 if Red LED, reprogram the parameter card to the room number i.e ‘0102’
 Test with Master card -> Green LED -> Lock opens
 i f Red LED, System card was not swiped correctly and did not receive a green light.


1. Create a System Card

In order to create a system card open your lock-S software click on setting cards and then double click on System Card


After that make sure that the "System Card with clear function" box should be  UN-TICKED then put a card on the card reader and click on issue.

If your system returns with the following message saying that "the system card is existing" it means you already have system card.
If your system card is successfully made you would see the following screen.

2. Create Parameter Card

Open your Lock-S software and click on "Setting Cards" and then double click on "Parameter Card".


After that please put a new card on the card reader and select the room from the list that you are programming and click on issue.
If you want to program more than one room you would need more cards (1 parameter card can only be used to program 1 lock).

If you are programming the Common Door or a lift please select from the tabs.

If your Parameter card is made successfully you will see the following screen.

3. Create Clock Card

In order to create a Clock Card open your Lock-S Software and click on "Setting Cards" and then double click on "Clock Card"


After that please put a new card on the card reader. Now make sure that the "System Card" box is Ticked also check if the date and time is correct (if not adjust the clock) and click issue.

If your Clock card is made successfully you will see the following screen.

4. Program Lock

Watch the video for programming instructions

Programming with the PDA


Watch the video for full instructions on using the PDA

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