Integration - Lock-S + Newbook Integration Tool

Integration - Lock-S + Newbook Integration Tool


Install KAS Newbook Integration Toolkit

  1. Download the .msi file Click Here and install it on same machine as the PMS Server.
  2. Use all default installer settings (keep clicking next)

Add API Key and PMS settings

Get the API Key from KAS. Ask KAS to retrieve it for you.
Add PMS port settings
Ensure the PMS is RUNNING

Add Personal Settings

These settings are use in the email template.

Add Custom Fields

You must manually add custom fields into your Newbook account.

Create Fields

The spelling is very important and case sensitive
  1. “KAS Booking ID”
  2. “Mobile Key”
  3. “Pin code”
The toolkit uses these custom fields to return the pin code and other parameters so it must be correct.

Match Room Numbers in Lock-S and Newbook

Ensure each room in Newbook matches the room number in KAS software. THIS IS IMPORTANT! 
Case sensitive (and space sensitive)

  1. In Newbook , go to Property Administration -> Apartments 
  2. Check that the “Name” on Newbook system matches Guest room table 'Lock No.' on KAS System 

Don’t forget to check Room Table if you’ve made changes to room number after building them on the wizard tool.

Match Room Table Lock-S

From Lock-S, the Lock Software Room No. must match the Third System Room No.

Start the tool and watch the bookings sync

  1. Click Start/Stop button on the top right to start the syncing. 
Ensure you run this tool on computer start up for best performance.

How to use

What happens to a bookings?

The toolkit only retrieves bookings that are expected to arrive between today and 3 days in advance
For example: the tool will not retrieve bookings where arrival date is 4 days in advance


For each booking, the toolkit will do the following:
  1. Insert the booking information in the “Reception” area of KAS Lock-S Software.
    1. This means you can quickly issue a card without doing a double data entry.
  2. Create a pincode for the room
  3. Send a mobile key to the guest if mobile number is supplied
  4. Email the guest the pincode if email address is supplied
  5. Email the operator of the successful booking notification (email can be changed in settings page)
  6. Update the relevant information in Newbook

How to Issue a Guest Card to a booking that has been integrated to Lock-S Software

  1. On the 'Reception page' Click “Query” to fetch the synced bookings.
  2. Select the booking you want to issue a card for by selecting the row.
  3. Click “Issue” and the Guest Card dialogue will appear with the synced information.
  4. The Third Party ID row shows you the Newbook Booking ID for cross check reference if you need.

Send Mobile Key

When a mobile key is sent the target mobile number will receive an SMS to retrieve their mobile key.

If the mobile number has already receive a mobile key before, no SMS will be served and the key will automatically appear in their App.

“LockKeeper” is available for iOS and Android
Only supports “+61” mobile numbers


The tool does not check if an SMS/Mobile key was received by the user correctly. It will only display a correct result if the request was sent not received. Some network error may have happened downstream that is out of scope of this integration tool to check/verify.

Pin code + Guest email 

When a pin code is created by KAS system, the tool will send out two emails.
  1. The first email goes to the guest with the pin code
  2. The second email goes to the property manager with the booking details (you can define this email in settings)


The tool does not check if a pin code was received by the lock correctly. It will display the pin code value that was sent not received by the lock. Some gateway error may have happened downstream that is out of scope of this integration tool to check/verify that the pin code actually exists.

Update the booking in Newbook

Check the Custom Fields

The tool will update the information under the booking’s custom fields.

You can easily check if the booking has been synced by seeing if these values are empty are not.

Making Changes to a booking

What happens if I need to change the booking?

Booking sync is one way. Newbook to Lock-S
  1. The tool scans for bookings between now and 3 days in advance continuously.
  2. The tool will only sync bookings that it hasn’t seen before.
  3. It checks if there is data present in the custom fields to determine whether to sync bookings.
In short,
If you need to make a change to a booking that affects guest access, you need to do this manually from Lock-S software.

Can I re-sync a booking manually?

Yes, you can manually re-sync a booking from Newbook interface without going to the KAS system.
Go to the custom fields for that booking and delete the data in the “KAS Booking ID”
Deleting any other custom field data will have no effect
Next time the tool runs, it will treat this as a new booking and update all the custom fields with the new data.

In short
Just delete the data from the “KAS Booking ID” custom field and wait until the next sync occurs.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The sync only occurs if your machine is ON and the application(s) are running
  1. Ensure the PMS Server is running (and has auto-startup shortcut)
  2. Ensure the Tool is running (and has auto-startup shortcut)
  3. Newbook does NOT have to be open for the bookings to sync.
In short,
Computer must be on and application running for the syncs to occur.

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