LMS Lift Control Module - Manual

LMS Lift Control Module - Manual


Used in conjunction with the LMS-Software & the LMS-Access Control System

The lift control system is used to control the floors the use can access
This control can be pre configured and selectable options at the time of checkinn


e.g Guest in room 501 automatically has access to 
  1. Ground Floor
  2. Pool
  3. Level 5 
Selectable options 
  1. Carpark
  2. Other Floors

LMS- Lift Control Components

Figure 01 Lift Control Module |  Model SN-910A 

The following diagram shows the components of the Lift Control System, which incorporates the Access Control Reader (ACR) and the Lift Control Module (LCM). 
KAS will have already setup the mode switch according to the client’s specifications; please do not change these mode switch settings. 

Lift Control Components


Lift Control Module Dimensions

Figure 02 List Control Module Dimensions


Installation tip:

The Lift Control Module (LCM) is generally installed on top of the roof of the lift cart, in close proximity to the rest of the lift system’s electrical hardware

Access Control Reader (ACR) Dimensions

The following diagram shows the dimensions of the Access Control Reader (ACR)

Figure 03 Access Control Dimensions

Requirements for Multiple LCM

Using controller (A) only, you can have up to 16 floors. For more than 16 floors, a second lift controller (B) will be attached, doubling your level capacity to 32 floors.
Connect Controller (A) to Controller (B).

Wiring Diagram for LCM and ACR 

Figure 04 Wiring Diagram

Installation Tips for LCS and ACR 

Lift button contact terminal

There are 3 'contact terminals' for each Lift Button:

  1. Join the "DOT" contact to one side of the original Lift Button
  2. Remove the other wire from the Lift Button and join to one of the "+" contacts.
  3. Run a new wire from the other "+" contact back to the second side of each Lift Button.

The symbols for the button contact terminals are on the outside stainless steel cover

Summary of contact terminal setup for each lift button

‘+’ First terminal connected from the original Lift Button wire
‘+’ Second terminal contact with a new replaced wire to Lift Button
‘¤’ Terminal is to be joined with the other existing wire on the Lift Button

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