KASAccess - Lock & Gateway Activation

KASAccess - Lock & Gateway Activation

Mobile App & Web Console Gen 2

Prerequisite -

Account Registration

Please Note:
In order to use KASAccess, you will require a new web console account.  Account registration for KASAccess is completed via our KAS Support team. 
Please email support@kas.com.au with the subject header ‘KASAccess Account Registration’ with the following details:
Owner Account Details
  1. First Name:
  2. Last Name:
  3. Account Name:
  4. Property Name:
    1. Address:
  5. Email:
  6. Preferred Password:
  7. Estimate how many locks to be used: 

If migrating Locks & Gateways from the Lock-S software or KAS Cloud Web Console (Gen1) please follow the steps at the bottom of this document to reset your Locks & Gateways back to factory settings FIRST.

Download KASAccess Mobile App

Download and Install the KASAccess mobile app using the QR codes below, the KASAccess mobile app is used to activate your Locks & Gateways to your account


KAS Hardware Activation

Step 1 - Lock Initialisation (NEO Cloud Lock & NEO Access Control Reader)

  1. Press * * 888 888 # 199 # on the keypad to Factory Reset
  2. Press * * 888 888 # on the keypad to initialise your lock.

Step 2 - Locks & Gateways Activation

  1. Login to the KASAccess mobile app using your provided credentials.
  2. Tap on Setup.
  3. Tap on the Scan (Unactivated Device list page).
  4. Tap on the SS or GWS number of the device you wish to activate (confirm this number on the device in front of you).
    Devices broadcasting:
    1. SS’ numbers are the unactivated handle locks and access control readers.
    2. GWS’ numbers are unactivated gateways.
  5. Tap Activate as:
    Activate as Lock/ACR’ for rooms or common doors.
    Activite as Lift’ If you are activating an ACR as a Lift Controller
    'Activate Gateway' If activating Gateways
After successfully activating your Lock/ACR or Gateways you will see the ‘Activate Successful’ message.

      6. Tap OK and press on the Lock/Gateways list tabs at the bottom of the mobile app and to see all your activated devices.

      7. Rename Your Devices - Both Locks & Gateways can be renamed either from the KASaccess mobile app or from the KASaccess web console. We recommend this process, as to aid in troubleshooting if ever needed.

If Configuring Gateways for WiFi

For WiFi connections:
  1. Under the Gateways list on the KASaccess mobile app, find the gateway you have activated.
  2. Tap 'Config' for more options, and enter your wifi credentials (This is case sensitive)
For POE (LAN) connections: (The LAN network must have DHCP enabled.)
  1. You do not need to configure anything. The gateway will automatically assign a dynamic IP address and connect to your network.
Gateway Light Notifications 
 Red solid LED: Configuration Mode
 Red flashing LED: Connected the internet
 Green flashing LED: Connected to Wifi
 Green & Red flashing Connected to the internet via POE

Please Note:
  1. After the activation from the KASAccess mobile app, the locks/gateways will automatically migrate to your KASAccess Web Console Account.
  2. The gateway will automatically scan and discover nearby activated locks. You do not have to connect the gateway directly to any lock. 
  3. It may take up to 5-10 minutes for the device to discover the nearby lock.
  4. If you move a gateway position away from an activated lock, it will automatically drop that connection and start a new one with other nearby locks.
  5. We suggest you leave the “GWS” stickers on the gateways for future identification purposes.

Step 3 - Management Code

Highly Recommended: 
  1. The management code should always be changed from the default code 888 888 for enhanced security purposes.
  2. It is used to manage the programmability at the face of the lock (this code cannot open Locks)
  1. Capacity: 1
  2. The management code must be 6 digits only
  3. Keep the management code secure.
Format: ** <Management code> # 5 <New Management Code> # 
Example: ** 888 888 # 5 999999 #
Result: New management code is 999 999

Resetting Locks & Gateways

 If migrating Locks & Gateways from the Lock-S Software OR KAS Cloud Console (GEN1) to the KASAccess Web Console (Gen2), please follow the below steps:
Or should you need to reset your lock back to factory defaults for any other reason.

Resetting Gateways

Reset Gateway Back to Factory via holding the button for 12 seconds

Reset Neo Cloud Locks or Neo Access Control Readers

KAS Cloud Web Console (GEN1)

Reset NEO Cloud Locks or NEO ACR's (Access Control Reader):
  1. * * <Management Code> # 199 # to reset.
Now from Step 2 (top of this document) follow to Activate your Locks to your KASaccess Web Console account

Lock-S Software Management System

By System Card:
  1. Locate the original System Card used to initially program the door. (Note: you cannot use a PDA.)
  2. Click 'Read' to confirm (as below) that the box is ticked, if not call the KAS support desk
  3. Swipe the System Card once -> Red LED with a rising tone
The lock is now factory reset. All Cards/Pin codes will be invalidated. Now from Step 2 (top of this document) follow to Activate your Locks to your KASaccess Web Console account

By Reset Switch: (NEO Cloud Locks & ACRs)

  1. Power up the lock by Connecting the Front handle to the rear handle using the white cable.
  2. Press and hold that button on the back of the lock as shown in fig for 3-5 seconds until you hear sound.

The lock is now factory reset. All Cards/Pin codes will be invalidated. Now from Step 2 (top of this document) follow to Activate your Locks to your KASaccess Web Console account
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