Neo Cloud Lock - Specifications

Neo Cloud Lock - Specifications


The Neo is a modern lock that appeals to the modern environment. It is a feature rich and durable lock hardware perfectly suitable to any type of accommodation site.

Supports the latest technologies including:
  1. RFID technology
  2. Mobile Access
  3. Password entry

Front and Back Figure 01



Technical Specifications

Door Thickness

34 – 60 mm thickness 

RFID Specifications

13.56MHz Technology ISO 14443A (MIFARE)

Mobile Access

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Smart 4.0

Working Voltage

DC 6.0V, (4 x AA alkaline batteries)

Limited Voltage

DC 4.3V – With Low Battery Warning

Battery Lifetime

8 - 10 months OR 3000 unlocking attempts

Working Temp

-20 to 60 Degrees Celsius 

Working Humidity

20% - 90%

Emergency Power Supply

Micro USB power bank

Card Read Time



Low battery warning function

User interface

2 coloured LED display (GREEN, RED) with buzzer

Keypad Display

12 digital numbers with white LED background

Adjustable volume


Adjust keypad LED intensity


Battery location

Inside of the room

Privacy snib



Primary: PCV0, Secondary: Stainless steel finish

Weather resistant

Rubber gaskets for water tight protection

Handle Orientation

Onsite reversible

Mechanical key override

2 x unique mechanical keys (supplied per lock)


Fire rated to AS standards (up to 2 hours)

Door thickness

35-60mm (all parts supplied with every lock)

Application Specifications 

Neo Gen 2 supports two modes: Self-Manage Mode and Hotel Mode
Neo Gen 1 supports each mode individually: Modes are shipped with each order.

Self-Managed Mode

Hotel Mode

Local Pin Code Memory



Local RFID Memory


N/A – Unlimited generated from PC

Auto-Generated Pin Code 

By App

By PC Software

Auto-Generated Pin Code Memory


1 at a time per lock

Auto-Generated Pin Code Length



Local Audit Trial


Yes – 820 unlocking records per lock

Online Audit Trial (Gateway required)



Free Passage Option

Yes – by keypad setting

Yes – by card setting

Free Passage by Gateway



Connectivity – Short Range

BLE Smart 4.0

BLE Smart 4.0

Connectivity – Long Range



Online Control

Gateway required

Gateway required

Standard Warranty

12 Months

24 Months


Fire rated to AS standards (up to 2 hours)


Lock Dimensions

Latch Dimensions

Mortise Latch N/A

Mechanical Key Location

Neo Lock has a concealed mechanical key barrel for emergency override. In the case of electronics malfunction the mechanical keys can open the door.

2 x mechanical keys per lock

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