KAS Cloud App Register

KAS Cloud App Register

KAS Cloud Register

Setup and activation required from KAS Cloud App before web console access is available

  1. Download and Install the KAS cloud App using QR code below.

2. Sign in using your credentials if your account has already been created or else, click on register to create a new account.

3. Set up Hardware

KAS Cloud App Support

If you notice odd functionality for the KAS app, please conduct the following steps:

  1. Force quit the app. The app must be closed down completely and reopened.
  2. If the problem occurs, please take a screenshot of the error and email it to support@kas.com.au. KAS will contact you shortly after rectifying the problem.


logging in error

  • Mobile and Email must be unique for every user account.
  • You cannot have two accounts and use the same Email or Mobile number for both accounts.

 If you have trouble activating your lock:

  • Ensure lock is powered
  • Ensure you are pairing with the correct lock serial number (if you have multiple locks)
  • Ensure serial number and is accurate. It is case sensitive.
  • Touch the lock to wake up it BEFORE you tap 'Pairing' on the app.


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