LMS Software - How To Read The Unlocking Records from LMS Lock

LMS Software - How To Read The Unlocking Records from LMS Lock

Reading the Records from an LMS Lock

Take the mobile programmer to the lock you wish to collect the records from

      1)      Press 2
      2)      Press RUN
      3)      Hold to lock induction area, you might have to adjust the position of the mobile programmer for the best alignment of IR (infrared) readers to successful download.
      4)      It will retrieve the last 512 unlocking records.

      5)      Wait until you see confirmation message, (the Mobile Programmer will count up consecutively during this time)

      6)      One long beep heard for confirmation

Checking The Corresponding Information. Press “1~5”:

KEY “1”:Shows current room number and the last entry attempt status

KEY “2”:Shows latest collecting time and the opening records

KEY “3”:Shows current time on the door lock

KEY “4”:Shows current battery voltage of the lock

KEY “5”:Shows MCSC and the sector number Exit

Press KEY “CLR”.

Extracting the Records from the LMS Lock to the Computer

      1)      Take the mobile programmer back to the software computer to extract the door records.

      2)      Plug programmer into USB-encoder

      3)      Open KAS-LMS Software

      4)      Click “Read Door Data”

      5)      Wait for confirmation message

      6)      Success! You will be able to see all unlocking records for the room number.

Mobile Programmer model differences

  1. GEN1 Mobile Programmer: Top row of buttons are “RUN” and “FUNC”
  1. GEN2 Mobile Programmer: Top row of buttons are ” RUN” and “CLR”


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