ETouch Lock - Program or Delete an RFID Card/FOB

ETouch Lock - Program or Delete an RFID Card/FOB

How to Add a RFID key card or FOB

Conduct the following steps to enrol RFID key cards or FOBs to the lock.  You can enrol up to 80 RFID keycards or FOBs.  Assume master programming code is default: 123123. If you do not need to replace individual cards or FOBs skip the following step:

Add/Remove Individual RFID keycards or FOBs

Label the RFID Key Cards or FOB’s the sequence number 001 – 080. This number should be recorded and is used whenever you want to replace a card or FOB. I.e 003 is Sarah and you will use this ID 003 to remove Sarah's RFID card if lost.

If you do not conduct these steps, you will not be able to identify which RFID card ID or name to delete individually and you will have to remove ALL RFID keycards or FOBs and re-assign.

Tap the keypad and press the following:

* 1 2 3 1 2 3 * 3 *

Swipe a RFID Key Card or FOB over the screen (2 beeps will sound)

Swipe the next card or FOB or press # to exit.

How to Add/Remove Individual RFID keycard or FOB

You must know the serial number that you recorded when the card or FOB was made. For example: To replace a keycard with the ID number 003:

Tap the keypad and press the following:

* 1 2 3 1 2 3 * 4 * 0 0 3 *

Swipe a new Key Card or FOB over the screen to replace the old key card (a long beep will sound).

Test the keycard to confirm successful programming. This keycard now has ID 003. The old keycard is now removed from lock memory.

How to Delete ALL RFID keycard or FOB

Tap the keypad and press the following:

* 1 2 3 1 2 3 * 5 *

during the key sequence, a RED light and a long beep will sound. This indicates that the programming is successful and ALL RFID keycards have been removed from lock memory.

Please be advised this information and more can be found in the Etouch User Manual. This can be downloaded HERE.

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