Neo Access Control - Installation & Specifications

Neo Access Control - Installation & Specifications



The Access Control Reader (ACR) is most commonly installed in common areas/gates/front doors for accommodation sites.
This unit can also be used in conjunction with the Lock-S lift control system as the ID reader.

Supporting technologies include:
  1. RFID Cards & Fob Access
  2. Smartphone App Access
  3. Online Control & Management via S1 Gateway
  4. Keypad Pin Code access.


HAR300 Display when the 
Keypad is disabled


Height: 115mm
Width: 40mm
Depth: 25.6mm
Weight: approx. 150g

Technical Specification

HAR310 - (Discontinued Model)
12v DC / 2A
9 V DC / 2A
Rated Current
Max. 100 mA
Max. 100 mA
Door Sensor input
Dry contact
Dry contact
Exit button input
Dry Contact
Dry Contact
Relay rated voltage
12 - 24v DC
9 V DC
Relay rated power
1 amp @ 24v
0.2 W
Relay output
COM, NO, NC Dry contact
COM, NO, NC Dry contact
Relay contact
100 mOhm
100 mOhm
Relay contact capacity
1amp @ 30v
24 V DC, Can pass 2 amps current

ISO 14443 A
ISO 14443 A

RFID frequency
13.56 MHz
13.56 MHz

Working Temp
-20 to 60 Degrees

Working Humidity 
20% to 90%

Weather Resistant

Wiring Diagram


  1. Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables is a suitable wire type for the ACR Power (Red, Black), REX switch (Grey, Blue), and NO, COM, NC wires (Yellow, White, Green) if using the relay as a dry contact or to switch a low powered electric strike (12V DC ~ 1A).
  2. If using a high power electric strike or high-powered electromagnetic lock, wire a figure 8 cable (or equivalent) between the power supply and the electric strike or electromagnetic lock.
  3. Max length for a Cat-5 cable between the Power Supply and ACR reader unit: 50 m
  4. Keypad ACR is fully waterproof and is compatible to install outdoors in direct exposure of rain.
  5. Power supply is not supplied with this product.

Gateway Connectivity

The HAR300 can receive online/internet control if a Gateway is activated in close proximity.
The Gateway and HAR300 will automatically discover and establish an online connection.

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