Integration - Cloud-beds Integration Tool Kit FAQs

Integration - Cloud-beds Integration Tool Kit FAQs


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Q. How to view Bookings in Lock-S Software which have been synced?

Open the lock software and click 'Booking Management' then 'Booking'. The list of synced bookings will be displayed here.

When you're ready to issue a Guest card, go to 'Booking Management' then 'Reception'. Click the row in the table for the booking you wish to issue cards for and click 'Issue'. Place a blank card on the desk encoder and issue the details. All the booking details such as name, number, stay details will be prefilled in the Guest card form.



Q. What happens if I have more than 1 room in the reservation?

By default, we will treat each Reservation as one booking in the Lock-S system. This means for one booking you could have multiple rooms.

How it affects RFID Cards?

If you have more than 1 room for a Reservation, the RFID cards issued will have access to ALL rooms on the Reservation.


How it affects Mobile Keys?

If you have more than 1 room to the Reservation, the mobile keys will be sent to each Guest respectively. Two conditions have to be met:

  1. The Room needs a Guest assigned to it
  2. The Guest assigned to the room must have the Phone field with their mobile number

If the two conditions are meet, we will ensure each Guest gets a mobile key for the rooms assigned to them.

Note: If you add the guest information later, it will not update the mobile key info. Please see below to re-sync the mobile keys if something has changed.

Any additional keys can be provided manually by the Lock-S Software.


Q. How can I check if Mobile Keys were sent successfully to the guest(s)?

You can do this in two different ways: From Cloudbeds interface or from Lock-S Software.

Cloudbeds Interface:

  • In the custom field area, we will post some data to notify you of the mobile key status. This is so you do not have to go back to Lock-S Software to see if the mobile key has been sent to the guest.
  • Note: If there is more than one room, we will send a mobile key for each room to each guest assigned to the room. If you want to add an additional mobile key user, you will need to do this manually from Lock-S Software.


Lock-S Software:

Step 1: Go to Report > Card Info

Step 2: Select Guest Card from the Key Type field. Click Query. The mobile key info is displayed here. If it's in this list, the user has been notified and they can download their own keys.



Q. If I have made a change to Cloudbeds can I re-sync them into Lock-S Software?

Yes, Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Observe that the KAS-DATA custom field has data in it. It means the reservation has already been synced.

Step 2: Note that in the picture below, we have added a new room and added the guest, Steph Walker for example.

Step 3: Ensure that the room is assigned otherwise the booking with not sync.

Step 4: Delete all information from the KAS-DATA custom field and the reservation with sync again with Lock-S Software.

Step 5: Wait some time and the booking will re-sync and readdress the necessary information. (~10minutes - depending on the polling time). Notice the new mobile key information for Steph in Room 0104.

Note: You may have double data entry in KAS software so please ensure you select the correct booking info when issuing cards. Mobile keys will not duplicate.



Q. What start date and End date is being provided to each room in the reservation?

The arrival and departure time will be the 'Check-In' and 'Check-Out' time entered at reservation creation. We cannot edit separate room check-in and check-out. If you need to do this, you can modify mobile key and RFID details in the Lock-S Software.


Q. What format can I put in the mobile field to ensure the guest receives a mobile key?

It must be a mobile so any number starting with '61' or '04' can be received and sent. You do NOT need to put the '+' symbol at the front of the mobile number.






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