RFID Card Printing - Specifications & Requirements

RFID Card Printing - Specifications & Requirements

So we can achieve the best result for your request with the fastest turn around possible, please read all information below. Any changes after submission may result in further charges.

Minimum Artwork Requirements

Unfortunately we are not designers and can only use print ready formats eg: We require the finished artwork 'image' only. 

You will be sent a proof for approval and confirmation after we receive your artwork. This proof is only to ensure the correct artwork was used. If you wish to change the artwork or modify it, extra fees will apply.'

Points to consider

  1. Sizing of any wording or logos.
  2. Quality of image.

What we can accept:

  1. Any print ready format eg JPG or PDF.
  2. Logo or image with measurements ( H x L) and basic placement instructions eg: 'centred, landscape, front and back'.
  3. Not recommended, as you do not have to option to make changes after this.

What we can not accept:

  1. A word document or similar.
  2. Emailed wording to 'add to the card'
  3. Letterheads or similar to fit to the card
  4. Scanned or photos of artwork. 

Printing Options

  1. Printing: Front and/or Back
  2. Colour: Black & White or Full Colour
  3. Layout: Portrait or Lanscape
  4. Card Type: Standard Card, Cards with hole  *extra charges will apply

Standard Card Specifications

Card Type: Mifare s50 1k
Thickness: 0.76mm
Card Size: 85.5mm x 54mm 

Card Size 

Ensure your artwork is sized and placed according to these dimensions

54mm x 85.5mm

Further Formatting Information 

Resolution: Minimum 500 DPI
Manuscript size: 86 x 54 (full size: 88 x 56)
Bleed line: +3mm
Font and Line Thickness: Not less than 6pt and not less than 0.1mm thickness
Colour-tone: 18%~85% is the most ideal range. The clarity may decrease if the brightness is less than 18% and the darkness higher than 80%
Borderline: All the words, symbols or logos should be placed 4mm within the borderline
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Printed / 10 Blank

Delivery and Turn-around

Full payment and approval on the placement proof is required before any custom print order will begin. 
The average turn around time is between 12-14 after confirmation confirmation and payment. Please make allowances for this when organising and submitting your artwork.


Please send your finished artwork to sales@kas.com.au 
Once we receive your artwork, we will send out a ‘placement’ proof for your confirmation before we begin printing.

Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of the final artwork, 
it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the proof is correct in all areas. 
Please be sure to double-check spelling, grammar, layout and design before approving artwork.
KAS is not responsible for any error or emittance not identified by the person providing final authorisation.

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