KAS Cloud App - Auto Generate Pin Codes

KAS Cloud App - Auto Generate Pin Codes

Step # 1 :

Click on your lock that you would like to generate the auto-gen pin code for.

Step # 2:

from a menu below select Auto-Generate pin code

Step # 3:

On the next screen click on "sync" from the top right corner.
NOTE: "SYNC" is only require once every year if your "new sync required by" date is still valid SKIP this step

Step # 4:

Then Click on "Sync" again.
NOTE: "SYNC" is only require once every year if your "new sync required by" date is still valid SKIP this step

Step #5:

After that click on "Clock"

Step # 6:

Then Click on "Update" (Make sure your date and time on your phone is correct)

Step # 7:

After that fill in the fields and click generate pincode

Step # 8:

The App will automatically generate the pin code with an option if you want to "Send" it to your guests otherwise select cancel.

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