Universal (Adel) Lock - Master Card Not Working

Universal (Adel) Lock - Master Card Not Working

If a Master Card is not working this is usually because someone has either lost or deleted a Master Card in the software.

How to resolve

To update the locks to accept the newly created Master Cards, you will need to perform the following instruction;

Step #1 From the software

  1. Create or Update the Program card.  
    1. Click here for instruction to update the program card

Step #2 A90 Clients:

  1. Tap this updated program card on every room lock in your system.

Step #2 A92 Clients:

  1. Tap your Master Layer Card over the lock * Note this card is a special card usually kept with management
  2. Tap the updated program card on every room lock in your system.


  • This card will not unlock the door it will only update the lock
  • If you are testing a card after you update the lock, ensure you wait until the lock goes out of updating mode, this should take about 3 seconds.

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