LMS Access Controller System - Specifications & Wiring Diagram

LMS Access Controller System - Specifications & Wiring Diagram


This product contains 240V AC.

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The following diagram illustrates the components of the Access Control Reader and the Access Control Module. KAS will have already setup the mode switch according to the client’s specifications; please do not change these mode switch settings.

*The ACM must remain accessible after installation. 


- Working temperature: 0° to +50°C
- Storage temperature: -40° to +85°C
- Humidity: 30% to 95% RH
- Power: 240V AC transferred to a 12V DC operating system
- Current: Greater than 100mA
- Standard CAT5e cable has been tested up to 60m. 
- KAS recommends up to 60m for each Reader to the module using standard CAT5e Cable.
- Dimensions: Large: 123L x 95W x 27H 
- Reading distance: up to 20mm

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram - LMS-ACS

Access Control System Dimensions

  1. This module is NOT waterproof and must be installed in a weather proof area. This device carries 240V AC.
    1. For example: an accessible wall cavity
  2. You need to access this module to program the access control reader, so it must be accessible/reachable during programming. 

Access Control Module

ACS Module

Access Control Reader

This reader is waterproof (IP67)

Access COntrol Reader Dimensions

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