Share an eKey with Someone else

Share an eKey with Someone else

You can only be a lock administrator to send an ekey to someone else.

  1. Choose any lock from the eKeys management screen
  2. Tap ‘Send eKey’
  3. The default screen will allow you to create a permanent key. Press ‘Period eKey’ if you would like to issue a temporary key.
  4. Enter the users contact details and an optional message to be included on the user notification.
  5. You must enter the Mobile and Email exactly as the user’s account login information. Otherwise, they will not receive the key correctly.
  6. Swipe to turn on ‘User Restrictions’. User Restrictions allow you to limit the users access by hours and days.
  7. Swipe to turn on ‘Share eKey’ to allow the user to share the key with others
  8. When you are ready press ‘Send eKey’ to send the eKey notification
  9. After opening the web link, the invited user will be prompted to install the KAS eKey application and create a new account
  10. After installing the eKeys app and/or logging in the invited user will see their key appear on the eKeys page ready for use.


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