Setup a New Lock on your App Account


Add a New Lock to your Smart Phone

  1. Ensure you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone
  2. Ensure the lock is powered with new batteries. Test it by wake up the keypad.
  3. Login to the mobile app
  4. Select ‘Add Lock’ on the tab bar
  5. Your phone will now search for all available locks/eKeys in your proximity. Select the lock/eKey you would like to add. For example “K121708001”. Use the pull down gesture to refresh the table if you cannot see your deice.
  6. Enter the lock Serial Number and Activation Number found on the outside of the box or on a card inside the eTouch Bluetooth Lock box.
  7. Once successfully paired, you will then be returned to your eKeys list.
  8. Tap the new eKey to enter the eKeys settings where you can rename your lock, control access and other options.

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