Managing User Access from your Smart Phone

Managing User Access

As an admin you can view and manage all Key Cards/Fobs, Pin Codes and eKeys, which have been issued for a Lock

Retrieving Key Cards, FOB and Pin Code Details

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled
  2. Open the eKeys list and select the Lock
  3. Press ‘Touch Keypad’ or ‘RFID Tags’ to view details
  4. Wake up the lock by touching the blue LED keypad and then tap ‘Sync Records’ on the app.
  5. The app will sync with your lock and display a list of all Key Cards and FOBs or Pin Codes issued for the lock

Updating or Deleting a Key Cards, FOB or Pin Code

  1. Open the eKeys list and select the lock
  2. Press ‘Touch Keypad’ or ‘RFID Tags’
  3. To edit user details associated to a Key Card or Pin Code swipe left and tap ‘Edit’.
  4. To delete a user swipe left and tap ‘Delete’
  5. Below you confirm the edit or delete, ensure the lock is awake by touching the keypad to wake it up.

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