LMS Platinum – Privacy Latch not registering while programming or setting passage mode

This article is relevant for LMS Platinum locks.

If the privacy latch is not registering when programming the LMS Platinum with the Mobile Programmer, or setting the lock in ‘free passage’ mode, follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. While holding the front in place, remove the back by removing the 2 phillips head screws
2. Ensure the Privacy Snip is adequately reaching the latch mechanism
3. Try to program or set ‘free passage’ again, while the front handle is off the door.  By manually twisting the Privacy Snip in a clockwise direction and back

If the LMS Platinum, registers the privacy latch, while manually manipulating, this indicates an issue with the fitting of lock to the door.

If the LMS Platinum still is unable to recognize the privacy latch operation, please contact your local installer or KAS to organize a warranty replacement.

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