Latch not engaging when a valid code/card is presented.

The spindle may have been dislodged from the lock face.


  • Incorrect installation
  • a hard hit could knock the spindle lose if the door thickness is too large and the back handle in not packed out to support the spring


  • The internal handle will still unlock and open the door.
  • Mechanical Key will not unlock the lock
  • The external handle will emit the correct notifications including;
    • light flashes
    • beeps/sounds
    • motor/buzz noise


  • Remove the back handle
    • remove the batteries and the screw behind them
    • remove the 2 screws at the base of the back handle
    • slowly lift the back handle
  • Make sure the spindle is lodged into the clutch in the front handle.
    • the spring should be facing the battery side
    • *If you have a thicker door, try packing out the internal handle to the spindle has less movement in this space.
  • Put the back handle on the lock and screw in the 3 screws that were removed

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