KAS-LMS Access Control Reader has no power and not reading cards

This article is relevant for LMS customers that have a the KAS-LMS hotel lock software system.

  • Black wall reader – Access Control Reader – situated on the wall for card swipe
  • Stainless steel box with power control – Access Control Module – suited inside in wall cavity to power the wall reader

Check power is going to the ACM access control module.

To check if there is power going to the module, a flashing red light is emitted on both ACR access control reader and ACM access control module in normal operation.

Use the following table to help diagnose the problem.

Is there a flashing red light displayed? Access Control Reader Access Control Module Result
Case 1 No No Check that power is actually going to the ACM, the power supply may be damaged and not supplying the access control system power.
Case 2 No Yes The Access Control Reader may be faulty. Request a replacement if under warranty
Case 3 Yes Yes Guest Card is not working. This is a programming issue. Try re-programming the card. Setting the clock. Consult manual or search for another topic in guest card programming.


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