KAS App – Error Messages

KAS App – Error Messages

If you notice odd functionality for the KAS app, please conduct the following steps:

  1. Force quit the app. The app must be closed down completely and reopened.
  2. If the problem occurs, please take a screenshot of the error and email it to support@kas.com.au. KAS will contact you shortly after rectifying the problem.


If you have trouble logging in:

  • Mobile and Email must be unique for every user account.
  • You cannot have two accounts and use the same Email or Mobile number for both accounts.


If you have trouble activating your lock:

  • Ensure lock is powered
  • Ensure you are pairing with the correct lock serial number (if you have multiple locks)
  • Ensure serial number and activation code is accurate. It is case sensitive.
  • Touch the lock to wake up it BEFORE you tap ‘Paing’ on the app.
  • Go to this article for more help on lock activation setup
  • If troubles still persist, email KAS at support@kas.com.au.


Thank you for helping us improve our products.



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