How to set the clock on ADEL locks

Create a clock card form the LMS ADEL software.

  1. Select ISSUE
  2. Select Clock Card *if clock card is not displayed in the drop-down menu please speak to management or contact KAS
  3. Select OK
  4. Place the card over each lock face to set the time
    • (This takes the exact time of your computer at the time of encoding. If you are not going to set the clocks immediately, then we suggest moving the time forward or creating the card at a later date.
  5. Once you have set the clock on all your locks, delete the card
    1. Insert the clock card into the encode
    2. Select OPERATION
    3. Select READ
    4. Select ERASE. This is now a blank card.

A Clock card is used to set the clock inside a Lock or Access Control. We recommend updating the clocks on your locks around every 6month.

A Clock Card will record the time on your computer at the actual time of encoding this card (or as otherwise nominated in your software), so if you are programming a large group of rooms – then they should be programmed in sections, or if you have a distance to travel to your rooms to update their clocks – then you can preset the time that you will actually update your locks clocks

  • Any normal Mifare card can be used as a Clock card and re-used again as any other normally encoded card
  • Clock Cards will not gain access to any rooms

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