How to Program SAL Platinum

The SAL Platinum electronic lock is a standalone card operated lock. It does not require any software or supporting hardware to operate.



The unlocking mode for this lock is via RFID keycard entry. There is also a concealed mechanical key cylinder for emergency access or battery depletion.


There are 2 levels of keycards to operate the SAL-Platinum electronic door lock.



This card is the highest level and used for enrolling User Keycards. This card will also unlock the door and should be kept in a safe place (electronic lock capacity: 1 management keycard)

Creating a MANAGEMENT CARD. *Complete the following steps with the door open.

While the door is open remove the battery box from the bottom of the front lock face.

  1. Remove the Batteries -Wait 10 seconds
  2. Insert the battery box into the bottom of the front lock face- The lock will beep 6 times, while then alternate red & blue lights for 6 seconds.
  3. During the alternating red & blue lights, swipe a Mifare S50 card over the reader.
  4. The lock will indicate it has read the card by a 2-beep tone – the light will turn blue.
  5. Immediately rotate the privacy snib on back side 90 degrees and back.
  6. A long beep will sound, the Management card is has been created successfully.


  • When the above steps are executed, all previous data and user keycards will be deleted.
  • A purple light on the lock reader upon entry can identify the Management Card.
  • To retain data when replacing batteries: do not complete the above steps or put any card on the reader area during red & blue light alternating and wait for the lock to power down.

CREATE USER CARD *capacity: 32 keycards

This card is used to access the door lock


Creating a USER KEYCARD. *Complete the following steps with the MANAGEMENT CARD.

  1. Swipe the Management Card over the lock face. The lock motor will run and display a purple light.
  2. Rotate the handle and keep the handle in down until you hear 5 peeps (approx 10 seconds), a blue light will be displayed
  3. While the light alternates red & blue, progressively place user new cards on the reader.
  4. A long single beep will sound – The user card has been created successfully.
  5. Once you have added all user keycards. Swipe Manager Card Over the lock
  6. Release Handle
  7. Test Newly added cards


  • If a “chirp” sound (lowering tone) is heard while adding cards this means the user card is already programmed to the door
  • During the alternating red & blue light, the operator cards can progressively be programmed, one by one. It will remain in this mode for approximately 8 seconds and then automatically power down.

ENABLE FREE-PASSAGE MODE *Complete the following steps with the door open. Either a Management Keycard or any User Keycard can complete this mode.

Enable the lock into FREE-PASSAGE MODE. Ie leave the door in an unlocked state

  1. While the door is open, swipe card over the lock face.
  2. Rotate the privacy snib on the back panel, 90 degrees, and back x 3 times.
  3. During this time the light will alternate red & blue during each turn of the snib.
  4. 1 beep will sound –  the lock is successfully in FREE-PASSAGE MODE.
  5. Test front and back handle

DISABLE FREE-PASSAGE MODE. * You do not need a card to disable ‘FREE PASSAGE’

  1. Rotate the privacy snib on the back panel, 90 degrees and back x 3 times.
  2. The motor will run, 1 beep will sound – the lock has returned to the normally locked state.
  3. Test front and back handle

FACTORY DELETE AND RESET *This will clear all previous data from the lock. All cards including management cards will be deleted.

To factory reset the lock you will have to assign a new management card.

Complete the Creating a MANAGEMENT CARD step above


  • Cards cannot be removed individually

SAL Platinum User Guide Download

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