How to Program an Adel Access Control

Issue the appropriate cards from the software for the Access Control you want to program.

If you need to program room door Click here

  • The correct cards must be created from the software before you can begin programming the Access Control.
  • Always take a back up of your software before programming locks.
  1. System Card *If you hear a low to high swoosh sound. please tap the card again. .You need to hear the chime
  2. Layer Card 1
    • Note this is a special card, usually kept with management. A standard guest card will not work
    •  Select the Option: Storage area occupied by ( not required on A90 version)
  3. Layer Card 2*
    • For Access Control: Select Controller and select the appropriate option.
    • For a Battery operated lock used for common access: Select Gate and select the appropriate option.
  4. Program Card
    • wait 3 seconds or until lights stop flashing
  5. Clock Card
    • Test the guest card. If the door opens successfully then your lock is now programmed.
    • Note: This is a stamped time on the card and will put the same time on the lock as when it was created
  6. Now at the lock, you want to program
    • Tap the cards over the lock in the order it was created.


      • Ensure the lock presents a chime nose. This means the information has bee received correctly.
      • If you don’t receive a chime when the card is presented, check the card at the software to see the correct card has been issued
      • Wait 3 seconds after the programming card to set the clock

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