How to collect data into an excel spreadsheet

  1. Open the text file of the collected records
  2. Select all
  3. Copy
  4. Open Excel
  5. Paste All

The steps below show how to paste comma-separated values directly into an Excel 2013 file.

This method uses a built-in feature of Excel 2013 and does not require creating a temporary CSV file.

In this example, we’ll be using the following list of comma-separated values

  1. Open Excel 2013
  2. Paste your comma-separated values into the document. They will automatically fill into a single column over multiple rows, .e.g.
  3. Excel2013-PastCSV1
  4. Select the row with the values (or select all the values)
  5. Open the ‘DATA’ tab then click on the ‘Text to Columns’ button
  6. Excel2013-PastCSV2
  7. A window will open with a wizard that’ll help you turn the comma-separated values into a properly formatted Excel document
  8. Excel2013-PastCSV3
  9. Click ‘Next’
  10. Under ‘Delimiters’ make sure the correct setting is selected that represents how your data is separated. If it’s correct, you’ll see lines between each row of data
  11. Excel2013-PastCSV4
  12.  Ensure you select Text
  13. Click ‘Next’ then ‘Finish’
  14. You should now have your data correctly formatted into columns
  15. Excel2013-PastCSV5



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