eTouch Bluetooth Lock Installation & Setup

Installation and Setup


  1. Select your lock height, and place a marking on the door where you want the lock to sit
  2. From this marking, measure out the back set (60mm or 70mm provided with lock)
  3. Measure out the other markings required that are provided on your drilling template
  4. Do this for both sides of the door. You will be later required to drill half way through the front side of the door, then halfway through the backside


  1. Drill your 2 marked ‘back to back’ holes. It is recommended to drill half way on each side of the wood to reduce chances of the wood splitting
  2. Drill out the latch hole on the side of the door
  3. Place your latch in the hole on the door edge and mark around the faceplate
  4. Chisel out the faceplate markings from your door. This is required to be 3.5mm deep

Lock Installation

  1. Take your latch and place it in the pre-drilled hole [Image A]
  2. Screw it into place with the 2 screws provided.
  3. Ensure the rubber gasket cover is on both sides of the locks
  4. Take the front handle and place it on the door, ensuring all screws and holes line up.
  5. Place the wires from the lock through the rubber gasket and through door hole to ensure no pinching of the wires and a flush covering [Image B]
  6. Insert spindle into the front handle ensuring it is inserted into the lock properly.
  7. Spring end is at the back of the lock.
  8. Please ensure a firm fitting of the spindle to the electronic clutch hole.
  9. Place the Back plate frame onto the back of the door and screw into place [Image D]
  10. Connect and line up the back handle to fit the spindle, screw into place (spring should be to the back of the lock)
  11. Gently connect the wire together [Image C]
  12. Place the back handle onto the metal frame; screw the 2 screws at the base of the lock and 1 screw in the battery pack area. [Image D]
  13. Insert batteries
  14. Your lock is now ready for programming – See Programming article for instructions. *Please keep the mechanical back up keys in a safe and secure location in case of battery depletion.



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