Adjusting the Clock Using the Keypad

The clock is automatically set using the KAS eKeys app when you navigate to the lock settings page. You do not have to set the clock on the lock using the keypad.

If you want to adjust the clock manually, you can use the below keypad settings. Otherwise, it’s best to use the app.

Adjusting the Clock

  1. Enter “Program Management Mode”
  2. Press “8”, then press “*”
  3. Enter the date and time ‘YYYYMMDDHHMM’, then press ” * ” i.e. 210705292249 = 2017 May 29th 10:49pm
  4. Setting complete. Press ” # ” to exit or wait for auto power off

Please note: Typo in Manual V2.0

Section: Adjusting the clock said “YYYYDDMMhhmm” which is incorrect.  It should be “YYYYMMDDhhmm”. It has been updated and published in Manual V2.2.

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