Adding a New Key Card, Fob or Pin Code

Adding a new Key Cards or FOB

  1. You can only add a new Key Card or FOB by keypad programming. View the Manual to find out how.
  2. All programmed cards will now show on the RFID list on the app display.

Adding a new Pin Code

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and you are within reaching distance of the lock
  2. Open the eKeys list and select the lock
  3. Press ‘Touch Keypad’
  4. Tap ‘Add’
  5. Enter a ‘Name’ and ‘Pin Code’
  6. Ensure to wake up the lock by displaying the Blue LED keypad.
  7. Now press ‘Add’ on your app.
  8. Wait for a successful notification on your app.
  9. Tap ‘Sync Records’ again on your app to confirm the pin code as added successfully into lock memory.
  10. If not, try again.
  11. Your Pin Code will now show in your app display.

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