Create and User Security Audit Card

Security Audit Query Unlocking Record Audit card The Security Audit Query Card must be encoded (created) before using it on the lock From the Adel software Insert a query card into the encoder  From the ISSUE Page Select Query Card Select Card 1 Click Ok *Repeat the steps for card 2 At the locks […]

Master Card not working on Adel

If a master card is not working this would usually be because someone has either lost or deleted a master card in the software. To update the locks to accept the newly created Master Cards, you will need to perform the following instruction; Create/ Update the Program card. Click here […]

How to update the Program Card on Adel

IMPORTANT NOTES BEFORE YOU BEGIN ALWAYS TAKE A BACK UP OF YOU SOFTWARE BEFORE PERFORMING THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS You may not be able to perform the below steps if you do not have Use the SYSTEM login credentials or Contact you upper management for login details as you may not have sufficient permission […]

‘Data is half-baked incept’ message

Data is half-baked incept when trying to upload the data If this message appears Close the software Disconnected the encoder and mobile programmer Reconnect the encoder ONLY Open the software and log in Issue any card Read this card. *You can erase this card now Connect the Mobile Programmer and […]

Neo Fingerprint Lock Manual – Download Here

FINGERPRINT PASSWORD LOCK MANUAL Included in the manual: Set the Management Code (Compulsory Initialisation)  Pg 4 Program a User Code Pg4 Add a User Fingerprint Pg5 Delete Individual User Fingerprint Pg5 Delete ALL User Fingerprints Pg5 Set Opening Mode Pg6 Change Management code Pg6 Set Free Passage Mode Pg6 Add a User Card Pg7 Delete […]